Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Best foot forward. In this case, best paddock boot forward.

This blog's aim is to review children's books which center around horses. There will be some other genres - nonfiction, memoir, essay, mystery - all horse-related, of course, but the general idea is to give myself an excuse to read and review the books I loved as a kid, and discover new ones. I'll be focusing mostly on American books, as there are several blogs already in operation to lovingly mull over Britain's contributions to the genre; it's in honor of that particular strain of horse book that this blog is named. There will, inevitably, be British and Australian books included, and I believe there are a few translated books from other nations as well. Most will be juvenile fiction, but there will also be some picture books, and some adult fiction and non-fiction.

I will be trying to keep the reviews generally consistent. My basic outline is to include the title, author and illustrator (if present), year of publication and publisher. Then a summary of the plot. Then a review. I will attempt to include a review of any illustrations, and a list of any other books written by the author. After re-reading a host of these books, I've noticed a few common ideas cropping up repeatedly, and so have created a Themes list, which I've applied to some books. More on this later.