Monday, September 12, 2011

Searching for more information about Charles Livingston Bull, the illustrator for Albert Payson Terhune’s books, I stumbled across a blog about the Old West in popular culture, Buddies In The Saddle. He has a review of an old book, The Untamed by George Pattulla (1911), which is a collection of stories where various animals, including horses and mules, are the main characters.

A more recent book is Hartslove by K.M Grant. I’ve flipped through Grant’s earlier books, but never really got into them. Her new one looks promising – the “and then my genteelly rich family put all their eggs into one racehorse basket” plot alone is worth a look.

And here’s a piece from the blog Flash Fiction about a tongue-tied 10-year-old horse and book nut meeting Walter Farley in 1975.

And a review at For The Love Of Books of the Snow Man biography. I have to finish my copy, but the first few chapters were disappointing.

And an interesting review of a new book I hadn’t heard about, G. Neri’s Ghetto Cowboy, based on Philadelphia’s Fletcher Street stables.