Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Copper Khan (1950)

Copper Khan
Dorothy Lyons, il. Wesley Dennis
1950, Harcourt, Brace

Connemara "Connie" McGuire is home from college for the summer and back at her habit of collecting unwanted horses and bringing them from wrecks to glory. This time she's purchased, for $1, a glorious chestnut colt with a broken leg. She recalls a daring new method for treating a broken leg, and the long shot comes in, leaving her with a new headache. The Thoroughbred colt is a constant problem for her stallion, Golden Sovereign. But new hired man Tom Monro has a suggestion; he says the colt is good enough for another try at racing.

If you're going to throw reality out the window, why not go all the way? Connie has a dream life and a dream stable, so why not a dream storyline with a champion racehorse? Note, I'm not criticizing. All horse stories are mad dreams to some extent, this one just goes whole hog.

Wesley Dennis is limited to mostly small pictures, and suffers. A glorious cover, though it reveals his tendency to draw human faces as either very young or very old.

Copper Khan - chestnut colt, Thoroughbred
Golden Sovereign - palomino stallion
Waltz Dream - chestnut mare
Silver Birch - grey mare
Midnight Moon - black mare
Lady - chestnut mare

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