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A Horse For Claudia And Dennis (1958)

A Horse For Claudia And Dennis

Natlee Kenoyer and Rutherford Montgomery

1958, Duell, Sloan And Pearce

"There's something about the love for a horse that stays with you."

12-year-old Claudia and 14-year-old Dennis have been working for a year to save the money to buy a horse, and now that their parents have bought a 1-acre property, their dreams come true. But before Uncle Tom takes them shopping, he makes them fix up the place, and the children quickly learn that owning a horse isn't all riding and goofing around.

A plain, straightforward book with plenty of information about keeping and riding horses. The children learn to ride Blaze, and compete with him in two Western shows, while working hard at odd jobs to earn his keep. When a jealous neighbor boy steals Blaze, they even make a new friend, who gets a pony of his own. Uncle Tom, who stands in for their father (away serving in the military) is a gentle, patient teacher, and the sibling squabbles are convincing without being nasty. Best of all, they manage to create a decent living space for their horse with spare lumber and materials, for an unusually DIY approach.

The illustrations are unusual, being rather basic, but the illustrator, Carol Wetmore, was only a teenager at the time of their execution.


Blaze - chestnut gelding with blaze and 3 stockings

Speck - black and white pony gelding

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About the authors

Natlee Kenoyer


Former president of the Western Writers of America, an organization which promotes Western-themed literature and gives out the Spur Awards each year.

Rutherford Montgomery


Montgomery was a prolific writer of juvenile fiction set in the West with wild animals and horses as major characters, using his own name plus several pen names. He was a writer for Disney, and The Capture Of The Golden Stallion was made into a 1959 film, Mustang! and El Blanco was based on a Disney movie.

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