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Mavericks (1967)

Jack Schafer, il. Lorence Bjorklund
1967, Dell Publishing

Smallish and stunted, grass-bellied, cat-hipped. Almost everything splendid gone - everything except the spirit and the hardihood. And the stubborn clutch on freedom.

Jake Hanlon is an old man aware he's outlived his era, freshly aware that even this mourned time of cowboys and horses was part of the same process of progress that's killed off his kind and brought an end to the mustangs. Living in an old, abandoned ranch house in New Mexico, he reflects back on the horses he's known, all of them mustangs. The wild white mustang who refused to be captured. The outlaw's horse, Jimmie Dun, who outlasted the Thoroughbreds and the cheaters in an endurance race. Last Dollar, the mustang he liberates from a Chicago street peddler, whose body is forever stunted by his poor early years but who manages to save Jake's life. And the broomtail herds he's spent his old age freeing from the men who want to eradicate them from the range, going to jail over and over as the sympathetic but exasperated local law tries to find a solution.

A mourning for the Old West, the mustangs and the cowboys, from one of the most famous western writers. Beautifully illustrated by Bjorklund.

White Mustang - grey stallion
Jimmie Dun - 14h dun gelding
Last Dollar - sorrel mustang with 4 socks and a star
Sorrel Clipper - Thoroughbred/Standardbred cross
Limpy Galumpus - roan gelding
Little Brown Jug - sorrel gelding
Smilin' Joe - dun gelding
Little Minx Minnie - sorrel mare

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About the Author
Born in Cleveland, the son of a lawyer, graduated from Oberlin in 1929. Started a master's at Columbia, then became a reporter. He was living in Waterbury, Connecticut when he wrote his most famous western novels, moving west to New Mexico only in 1955.

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