Sunday, January 10, 2010

Romance Novel Covers II: Return Of The Cowboy

For the second time in four days, a massive snowstorm has hit the center of the East Coast, shutting down the capitol, burying the Mid-Atlantic and depressing everyone who just dug out their motor vehicle. I give it one more day no school, no work, and no transportation before we all begin killing each other over who ate the last Pop-Tart.

Now completely exasperated by the snow, I turn to the mean-spirited joys of poking fun at equine-themed book covers. Wait! I hear snow plows!!!! About time, it's been snowing for roughly 10 hours. Way to get ahead of the storm, snow plow guys.

I'm distracted by the white shirt, frankly. And how he appears to be wearing a sword on his belt.


I can't quite see how he's staying aboard. And what is it with these men riding shirtless?

Still not seeing it. And the reins all on one side?

Again with the white shirt, but the pose looks possible.

And now for some scary-looking horses. Observe the horse behind our heroine.

What breed is that? Maybe it's just the color, but the head proportions look bloated.

I realize this is not a romance novel, but how could I pass up this twin to the above romance cover?

The Aardvark strikes again.

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