Thursday, December 15, 2011

Updated illustrations, Black Beauty, Phoebe Erickson and gardening

It would appear - how embarassing - that I did not actually post the review of Balch's book this past summer.  I wrote it and then saved it.  Ah, well.  Once I get that review off the old computer, I can reunite it with the illustrations. 

I have figured out how to update previous posts, so the reviews of Star Dream, High Hurdles and Horse Show Hurdles should now feature their covers and interior illustrations where possible.

And now, for some pictures.  First, an entry from one of those multi-book anthologies of classic children's books.  Three guesses which book this shiny black horse goes to. 

The interiors are by Phoebe Erickson, who wrote a few horse books (Black Penny, Wildwing) in addition to illustrating the books of others.

I've never been quite able to decide if I like her art or not.  Her illustrations sometimes seem to hover between warm and cartoonish. 

I like these black and white drawings, though.

And a celebration of my garden, taken by the first frost this past November.  The idle pleasures of watering have now been subsumed by thesomewhat more aerobic acitvity of raking leaves. 

Coleus, which surprised me by growing large enough to be a small bush.  A very small bush, true, but I regard any appreciable plant growth as nothing short of miraculous when it's done beneath a massive oak tree.

A plant and a toy.  Does gardening get better than making snapdragons bite?
A portulacca, one of several which revelled in this summer's brutal heat.  They did not especially enjoy the heavy rains that started in August, however, and were essentially washed away.


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