Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Sale again

I had an extremely satisfying Saturday, getting up early enough to walk the dog in the cool of the morning and accomplishing various chores before driving excitingly fast down the interstate to a library that was having a used book sale.  I came away with several things I should not have bought but couldn't resist, including this Knight Books edition of a Black Stallion book....

According to the stamp inside, it once belonged to The British School in the Netherlands.  And now it belongs to me in New Jersey.  I'm always fascinated by foreign editions that pop up in book sales.  Their journeys are so impressive, and their look is so distinctive.  There were a few other obviously-not-natives, including an Enid Blyton book that tempted me as her books always do, being so completely adorable, until I open them up. And then my head explodes from the sheer obnoxiousness of the language.   

A small, sweet book about one family's memories of living on Assateague, the island famous for Misty and Pony Penning.  It's is now a wildlife reserve, the residents having moved to Chincoteague.

This, however, was my favorite find.  I'd read about it recently online and was tickled to find it here amidst the hordes of more common and/or recent books.  It does feature a horse who brings together a shy girl and a brash boy, but it's really more teen romance than horsey, so it'll be going over to one of my other neglected blogs for review. 

A fellow browser summed up my feelings about used book destiny when she spotted a book in a mass of paperbacks lined up on a table and said, to the book, "There you are," as she plucked it out.  

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