Monday, October 29, 2012

Upcoming books

So after a weekend spent dutifully stocking up on bottled water, refilling prescriptions and battening down all the outdoor flotsam, we're just waiting.  Hurricane Sandy, the largest part of what the thrilled-to-their-toes weather media has dubbed Frankenstorm, is churning steadily north and is still, the last I heard, on course to make a sharp left at New Jersey and head inland, drawn in by a low-pressure system, where it will move straight into a winter storm from the north.  At which point, I believe, we all die horribly.  I may be wrong about that, but it's the definite impression left by the news.

In the event we do not all die, there are some interesting new horse books coming out this winter.


Darcy, the 10th installment of the Horse Diaries series will be released on January 8, 2013.  This one stars a grey Connemara mare.  In other words, the childhood fantasy horse of everyone who wasn't in love with the The Black.  The last installment was Tennessee Rose.

A new edition of the Narnia ponybook installment, The Horse And His Boy, is due out December 4, with the Kindle edition released the same day.

A horsey installment of the Rainbow Street Shelter series, Stolen! A Pony Called Pebbles, is released November 13.

Another of the teen A Circuit series, Off Course, is out November 13.

A New Friend and A Special Wish, the first two books of an English series for a younger crowd, Magic Pony, are being released in the US on January 10, 2012. 

Canterwood Crest 17th installment Jealousy is due out February 19.  I've never read these books, but I kind of love the website .

New in paperback

The nonfiction Eclipse: The Horse That Changed Racing History Forever by Nicholas Clee, is out in paperback on December 24.


Many of Jean Slaughter Doty's books have just been re-issued in paperback.  Titles include The Valley Of The Ponies, If Wishes Were Horses, Can I Get There By Candlelight, and the dog story Gabriel.  It appears they stayed with the original covers.  No news about what is arguably her best and best-loved book, The Monday Horses.

(And as a little extra, here's a scifi/fantasy blog that does a short (and spoiler) review of Can I Get There By Candlelight.

Another version of Anna Sewell's Black Beauty, this time by Oxford University Press

And (sigh) ebooks

I don't own an e-reader.  They're cute, they're handy in certain circumstances, but I don't like them.  I suspect that they will, as technology tends to, eradicate their predecessor.  And since I love books, the physical reality as well as the content, that's going to annoy me.  However, it may be nice for some to hear of new ebooks.  So here are some of the more interesting ones I've come across recently.

C.W. Anderson's Billy and Blaze series went into e-editions over the summer.

Marguerite Henry is getting a mass Kindle/Nook release.  Her 1945 fictionalized bio of the foundation sire for the Morgan, Justin Morgan Had A Horse, will be released as an e-reader edition on December 11, 2012.  Misty of Chincoteague will be out in that format on December 11 also, as will King Of The Wind, Brighty, and Stormy, Misty's FoalSea Star is out December 18, as is Misty's Twilight , Black Gold, Mustang, Brown Sunshine Of Sawdust Valley, Born To Trot, San Domingo.

Pam Munoz Ryan's 2007 Paint The Wind, is due as a Kindle edition on November 1.

Books from Bonnie Bryant's Saddle Club series are also making e-reader appearances on December 19.  These include: Sea Horse, Team Play, Horse Games, Snow Ride, Ghost Rider, The Fox Hunt, Horsenapped, Racehorse Horse Trouble, Starlight Christmas, and Pack Trip.


R.A. Macavoy's 1987 fantasy novel The Grey Horse is being released as an audio book on October 21, 2012.

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Jane Badger said...

I hope you survive the hurricane ok. It's certainly made the news here in the UK.

Thanks for the list of forthcoming books, especially the Marguerite Henries, which I didn't know about!