Saturday, December 22, 2012

That Donkey (1954)

That Donkey
Georgianna, il. Dorothy Grider
1954, Whitman Publishing Company

Summer hurried by, and then the cold winds blew the leaves from the trees.  His master threw an old blanket over him - it warmed his back and his tummy - but no one ever thought about That Donkey's lovely long ears.  They were cold!

A picture book about a donkey who finally finds a sympathetic listener in Laura.  She sets out to knit him a solution, which becomes his Christmas present.

About the author and illustrator
The author, with the one-name pseudonym, proved impossible to locate.   The illustrator (1915-2012) was a Kentucky native who wrote six books, illustrated many for other authors, and did designs for playing cards and paper dolls, among other products.  The collection of her work at the Kentucky Library and Museum includes Kim Novak paper dolls; per

Whitman's Tell-A-Tale books were little square board books published between 1945 and 1980. 

Wiki Muppet

Kentucky Library and Museum

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