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Stall Buddies

Stall Buddies

Penny Pollock, il. Gail Owens

1984, G.P. Putnam's

The bidding was slow. And the prices were low. Too low for a filly from a fine family of trotters. Too low for a filly with a broad chest, a proud head and wide-set eyes. But it was just as the sparrows had said; no one wanted a horse, especially a trotter, that had "trouble" written on her sweat-stained coat.

A Standardbred racehorse named Scarlett is so tense she has trouble winning until new owners provide her with stable buddies. Rufus Jones the Third, a rooster, and Merabel, a goat, give the nervous filly the companionship that she's lacked, and ultimately help her win.

Cute beginner reader book with a pleasant plot and nice illustrations by Gail Owen.

About the Author

According to Penny Pollock's website, she was born Penelope Lee Morrow in Ohio in 1935, but spent much of her youth in the Philadelphia suburb of Swarthmore. She married Stewart Pollock in 1956, and had four children.

About the Illustrator

Gail Owens was born in Detroit in 1939. She began her career at advertising agencies in New York, later illustrating magazine articles and books. She did the illustrations for A Horse For XYZ by Louise Moeri.

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