Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pal The Pony (1996), Shetlands in sweaters, and the only reason to watch the Super Bowl

Latest online cuteness - Shetland ponies wearing cardigans, courtesy of Scotland's geniuses of tourism.  I'm partly tickled by the ahhhh factor, partly by the Ancient Wisdom schtick they've got going with those shaggy little faces, and partly just amused that I stumbled across this on a fashion blog.

In other horses-can-sell-anything news, Budweiser's big Scottish mascots, the Clydesdales, will once again star in a Super Bowl ad.  I looked for a good past example, as the new one - showing a colt bonding with its trainer - won't air till February 3's big game, but thought this YouTube video of the training of the horses for previous ads was more interesting.  Also, amazing.  There's a bit where the horses all wheel around and line up that blows my mind.  I remember that ad, and always assumed it was somewhat special effects, as it involved 12 enormous horses galloping up to a line, 6 on each side, and stopping dead.  I can't even get an aged school horse to line up that well while I'm actually riding him. 

In keeping with the hairy pony theme -

Pal The Pony
R.A. Herman, il. Betina Ogden
1996, Grosset and Dunlap

A picture book starring a shaggy little pony who finds himself the star of the rodeo despite his lack of stature. Mild, beginner-reader story with cute illustrations.

Other work
There are several sequels: Pal And Sal, Pal Saves The Day, Pal And Sal's New Friend, Pal Goes To The Fair, and Sal To The Rescue.

Betina Ogden's art

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