Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you hate football like I hate football...

... you can now watch the 2013 Budweiser commercial (ie, the one with the big Clydesdales) without sitting through the Super Bowl.  It's a cute one, complete with a week-old foal, bittersweet rock classic "Landslide," and two handsome leads.
Which makes me want to write a review of a book starring a draft horse.  I can only think of one, off-hand, Jessie Haas's Uncle Daney's Way, which is very good.  Any other suggestions?  There must be other draft horse heroes out there!  I rode a Belgian a few years ago (my height seems to inspire the "You must want a giant horse" in stable owners) and once I stopped staring down at the very, very distant ground, it was wonderful.  Cantering up a gentle hill, my big blonde farm horse breasting through tall grass and flowers, I lived out simultaneous fantasies of being a knight, a princess, and any one of several dozen English country-house drama heroines.  For that atypically perfect experience, I salute the draft horse.   

Random Note
I came across a very entertaining article online for aspiring fantasy writers who feel the need to put their knight, elf or fairy princess on horseback.


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Christina Wilsdon said...

There is Marguerite Henry's classic picture book "Five O'Clock Charlie" and I also recall reading a book about Shires or Clydesdales called "Breed of Giants" by Joyce Stranger when I was a young teen!