Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And more Budweiser Clydesdale....

As background the the Super Bowl commerical, an ABC Sports reporter visits Warm Springs Ranch, Anheuser-Busch's Clydesdale breeding facility in Missouri.  Amazing barns, beautiful stalls, just a pretty place. 

The companys equine holdings include Grant's Farm in St. Louis (original home of the company founder) and a brewery in New Hampshire.  According to an Equitrekking interview with a handler, the horses start their training at Grant's Farm, then go to the New Hampshire facility for most of their education.

The foal featured in the commercial was, after a Twitter contest, named Hope. 

The first time I went to the tack store, I lost my head and bought a Breyer model.  For myself.  I was 28 at the time.  I couldn't resist; he was bay.  A bright bay Clydesdale.  He cantered around my desk before he joined the Breyer stables which take up an inordinate amount of space along along the dusty tops of my bookshelves. 

I really need to find a Clydesdale book to review.  Christina Wilsdon kindly emailed to remind me of Marguerite Henry's Five O'Clock Charlie (briefly reviewed here in 2009) and Joyce Stranger's Breed of Giants, which is about Shires.  Then there's Jessie Haas's Uncle Daney's Way, about a Belgian or perhaps a grade draft type.


Amie C. said...

I have vague memories of a book in which the heroine rides a draft-type horse, much to my amazement at the time. Purchased in the early 80s from the supermarket checkout line, of all places. I seem to remember that it had vaguely Christian themes and much hardship for the girl and her horse. After a quick internet search, I believe it may have been A Horse Named Cinnamon by Jean Hovde.

chessa said...

I remember that book .A girl was raped by a warlord named White Micheal.She ,her boyfriend,and young son left for Ireland.They were called to safety by her grandfather who was some kind of druid.She had a Black shire named Dark.But it was not the book title mentioned above

chessa said...

Found it!!!
The Calling Of Bara by Sheila Sullivan -1975
The softcover version show a girl and a young boy on a Black Shire