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Five O'Clock Charlie

Five O'Clock Charlie
Marguerite Henry, il. Wesley Dennis
1962, Rand McNally

A picture book about a big blonde workhorse who grows tired of retirement and longs for a new duty. Beautiful illustrations and the sort of clear, easy and to-the-point writing that made Marguerite Henry a best-seller.


Charlie - 28-year-old draft horse (looks Belgian)

Shropshire, UK

Wesley Dennis's illustrations are almost always welcome, but they really shine here, with the simple story, larger-than-life character and lovely paintings.

About the Author
A Wisconsin native most famous for Misty Of Chincoteague, Henry had two Newberry Honor books (Misty and Justin Morgan Had A Horse) and one Newberry Medal book (King Of The Wind). Her collaboration with Wesley Dennis resulted in some of the most beloved children's book of the 20th century.

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More about Wesley Dennis
A Massachusetts native who studied in Paris and was apparently an avid horseman who knew from an early age that he wanted to make a living combining his love of art and animals.

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