Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fifteen Hands
Jane Sorenson
1985, Standard Publishing

Jennifer's excited to be attending the Winter Carnival in her new school, part-leasing a horse at the local stables, and coaxing her unhappy friend Chris toward Christianity.

Mostly a book about junior-high-aged kids, with a small horse plot on the side. Jennifer is exuberant and outspoken, loves horses and is trying to decide between two cute brothers while worrying about Chris, whose alcoholic mother and workaholic dad trouble her. Sweet, and the first-person narration is convincing. The writing isn't outstanding, but the heroine is presented well. The religious aspect is integrated nicely into the story. Some of the riding information is sketchy or of dubious accuracy (I am by no means an expert, but the misspelling of 'reins' as 'reigns' caught my eye.) And contrary to what the kids say in Jennifer's new Philadelphia-area school, the Mid Atlantic region does use salt and spreaders and does not shut down entirely at the first snowflake. Sadly.

Horses and other animals
Son of Callahan "Hoagie"
Andromeda "Snap" - 15h, dark brown gelding with star

Philadelphia - Delaware county

Sequel, etc.
It's Me, Jennifer
It's Your Move, Jennifer
Jennifer's New Life
Jennifer Says Goodbye
Boy Friend
Once Upon A Friendship
In Another Land


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