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Eager Star

Eager Star
Series: Winnie The Horse Gentler (2)
Dandi Daley Mackall
2002, Tyndale House

"I'll bridle him," Grant said, studying the lighter bit. He grabbed Star's ear, then thrust the bit at him. Star jerked his head up. Before I could stop him, Grant slapped his horse on the cheek.

"Quit it!" I cried, jerking the bridle out of Grant's hands. "You can't punish Star because you don't know how to put on a bridle!" My heart pounded. God? Take my anger...again! Please!

Series info - Winnie Willis tackles her second and third project horses after turning Wild Thing into Nickers in the first book in series.

Winnie's family settled in Ohio after her widowed father moved them around for a few years. She wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a gentle horse trainer, and has had one success with a wild Arabian mare. Now she's set on training her friend's Appaloosa and a classmate's barrel racing gelding. But can her gentle methods overcome the demanding, rough ways of Eager Star's owner?

This Christian novel balances the heroine's religious beliefs with the secular plots, and the heroine's attempts to apply equine behaviorism to the other kids in her new school are endearing. The author does a credible job of putting training and handling information into the plot in a natural way, although I'm sure others might debate her information. There is a glossary of horse terms, a guide to horse body language and a conformation chart at the end of the book, all very useful and interesting. It's a better series book, but it's still clearly a series book. The writing is competent but not strong, the plot involving but never urgent, and secondary characters are stock - the wacky pal, the hot ethnic pal, the distant father.

Nickers - grey Arabian mare
Towaco - Appaloosa mare
Bad Boy/Eager Star - bay gelding with star

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Author information
A prolific professional writer who lives in Ohio, Daley Mackall has written fiction and nonfiction for children, teens and adults. Horsefeathers! is another equine series, while Starlight Animal Rescue features characters from the Winnie series.

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