Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pony Farm

Pony Farm
Paul Brown, writer and illustrator
1948, Charles Scribner's & Sons

Lucky kids Bud and Lynn live next door to a farm that raises Shetland ponies, and owner Mrs. Marian allows them to come over and ride and watch the foals. One foal in particular, the spectacularly marked Half 'n Half. The colt of head broodmare Snowflake, he has many adventures which are fully illustrated, from chasing frogs to running with other foals to getting into trouble.

Slight story, charming drawings.

Mickey "Matchless Michael of the Titans" - black stallion
Snowflake - white broodmare (32" at the withers)
Half 'n Half - black and white foal (18" at the withers, 27lbs)
The Pest - orphaned filly
Molly - foster mother to The Pest
Fuss Budget - cautious broodmare
Brenda - Fuss Budget's foal

Other Animals
Joshua - black cat
Deuce - Dalmation
Trey - Dalmation
Charlotte - donkey
Prince Charming - goat

Other Books by Author (writing; Brown illustrated far more)
Crazy Quilt: Circus Pony
Mick And Mac
War Paint
Sparkie And Puff Ball
Pony School
Draw Horses

About the Author
Subject of a biography Paul Brown: Master of Equine Art by
M.L. Biscotti.

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